Can you really afford not to look at your pricing?

Price is often a very sensitive subject; business owners are reluctant to increase prices for fear of losing business or market share. Most people don't realise that Price Psychology is a subject and it's a subject that is very in depth. Your selling price is directly linked to your bottom line. We have been working with clients to increase both for several years.

Most people are naive about price. Nobody actually knows the price of anything. Your job as a “pricer”, entrepreneur, business owner is to make your price appealing so more people buy your offering. We have over 25 price techniques to explore with you in order for you to get a pricing structure that works for you.

We can work with you to implement these techniques into your business and the way you price your goods and services. We can help you track the changes to your sales to monitor the effectiveness of the techniques and the changes you have made. We offer a 1 hour consultation to give you a flavour of the techniques that you can use which is absolutely free. After this we can sit down with you on a regular or one off basis to set up an action plan of the different techniques that would be relevant to your particular business.

Price is just a number, and an important part of the profit equation for you business. If you want to find out how we can help you increase your top and bottom line please get in touch today or download our Pricing eBook, written by our very own Ross Murray, Director. Click here to download > Pricing E Book