How we can help you grow your business

Traditionally, accountants are seen to take care of services such as profit and loss or annual submission of business accounts. While this is our bread and butter, our team is much more hands-on with many of our clients and are actually an integral part of the success and business growth.

Why? Well, our accountants are often seen as an extension of each individual team we work for. From a small start-up to a multi-national corporation, we are involved in the planning as well as the fulfilment of a growth strategy in order to make sure your business grows in the right direction.

We ask the right questions

The more information we can glean from you at the beginning, the better. This is why we invite you to meet with us so that we can discuss a variety of things. For example:

What does your business history look like? We analyse your past business accounts to build up a picture of your successes and pitfalls to identify any trends that may help future decisions.

The current market and your competitors: We also look at things like how you adopt marketing for your business, what the wider market looks like currently and what your competitors are up to in order to set you in the right direction. By taking a full view of the market we can then help you make the right decisions. 

What are your aspirations? Where do you hope to be in five, ten or fifteen year's time?

Forecasts: Once we know where you hope to take your business, we will make detailed forecasts to get you there.

Where can we improve efficiencies? We want to save you both time and money so that you have more time to concentrate on your daily duties. That's why we identify the best cloud software that will help you on a path to business growth.

Is your price right? Setting the right price for your products or services is an important decision, but it can also be one of the most difficult, and there are a number of different issues to consider. The aim is to make as much profit as possible, while also considering your other business objectives, which may include increasing market share or growing sales. Using Price Psychology, we will work with you to establish the right pricing structure for your business.

Cost reduction: Are you making unnecessary expenditure? Are there any adjustments we can make to get you the same result at a reduced cost? We will work closely with you to identify these and implement the changes.

Financing growth: You might be ready to take your business to the next level and are ready to move premises or add to your team. We can guide you through the financing you might need to gain the additional capital you need.

If you would like Acumen Accountants and Advisors to grow your business, why not contact a member of our team to set up an initial meeting. Call 01224 573904 or email