Virtual FD

Access to all the benefits of having an experienced Finance Director, without the full-time cost.

“Producing management accounts is a fundamental to most businesses. They are the cornerstone from which decisions are made; they help a business monitor its results and enable the business to plan for the future. A full understanding or interpretation of management accounts is vital to making correct decisions.” Steven McKenzie, Acumen Managing Director

You may feel that employing a full-time Finance Director is neither affordable nor justified. As part of a team of experienced finance professionals, Acumens Directors Steven McKenzie, Ross Murray and other senior members of the team have been retained by a number of companies as Virtual/Interim Finance Directors. Their work encompasses all that you would expect from a senior finance professional and is available on a basis that best suits your business needs.

Typically, businesses grow, you may have an accounts department but are not large enough, or spare funds to justify employing a full time Finance Director. Outsourcing the Finance Director role mean you gain access to all the benefits of having an experienced Finance Director on call, but avoids the costs associated with a full-time Finance Director.

“Cash is often a key area to tackle. In the case of a business improvement situation, it is essential to reduce costs, reduce debtor's days and focus on improving cash-flow. In the case of an expansion, cash-flow must be carefully managed as banks want in-depth analysis of projections, together with n assurance that the numbers they have in front of them are credible, in order for them to have some assurance that any finding can be repaid.” Ross Murray, Acumen Finance Director

Our services are tailored to your requirements and range from ad hoc services through to interim management.

  • Cash Flow Management and Control
  • Preparation of Budgets and Forecasts
  • Liaising with External Stakeholder, Bank, and Auditors etc.
  • Review and Implementation of Financial Controls
  • Review of Operational Performance
  • Assistance with Company Secretarial Requirements
  • Analysis of Monthly Management Accounts
  • Attending Board Meetings