Attracting and retaining a millennial workforce

Millennials, grouped as the generation born between the early 1980s to early 2000s, are the new generation driving the bottom line and those who are beginning to dominate the working landscape as baby boomers move to retire.

But it is no secret that this fiercely ambitious generation has a tendency to shift roles quickly, preferring to seek to work for an organisation that offers them a sense of purpose – something much larger than just profit making. 

It is this fact that makes attracting and retaining a millennial workforce somewhat of a challenge for many businesses. So what can you do about it? Ross Murray has outlined his top considerations that will set your business ahead of the rest.

Flexible working: Millennials are often unconvinced that excessive work demands are worth sacrificing aspects of their personal life for. Instead, this generation highly values a work/life balance. It is because of this that many companies are choosing to offer flexible working, where millennials are trusted to complete their duties within a flexible schedule.

Technology: Millennials have a real affinity with technology, which sets them apart from many other generations. Having grown up at a pivotal time for the digital age, this generation are highly adept in the use of mobile, SMS, the internet and cloud technology. By offering cloud services for time tracking, project management and cloud accounting, this will allow the workforce to access the workplace from anywhere at anytime.

The social mission: Most workers of this generation want to be involved in something greater than just making money for themselves and the business they work for. Instead, they would much rather be part of something a bit bigger – something with a sense of purpose. It is worth developing a strong CSR strategy in which they can play a large role.

Invest in your own reputation: Millennials have strong social voice, choosing to make comments and leave reviews online for just about everything. Why not play this to your advantage and have them start positive conversations about your business online. For example, giving them something to Instagram/Tweet, such as branded coffee cups / branded water bottles in the morning meeting alongside some pastries or hosting a themed summer BBQ. A motivated employee makes for good company culture and actively encourages them and others to view your business in a good light.

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