3 time saving technologies that will help you grow your small business

As a business owner, especially that of a small start-up, you will be used to carrying out the roles of operations manager and finance director, as well as head of HR, reception and coffee making, to ensure your business runs successfully!

Almost every small business owner is on the lookout to find easy ways to increase efficiencies to ensure their company runs at its optimal function. But short of time travelling, just how do you go about giving yourself more time each day to get everything done that you need to?

The answer may be in the technology you are using to complete your daily tasks. There is a wide variety of online systems which will help you be more organised and more productive, essentially giving you more time during your working day.


From checking cashflow while on the go, sharing critical financial data with key decision makers or integrating with more than 500 apps to personally tailor its offering to your business, Xero is one of the most popular cloud accounting software systems for start-ups.

Xero promises to reduce the time a business owner spends on balancing the books, while providing peace of mind since you have 24/7 access to your business accounts. This means you can go ahead and start up your business more effectively and confidently, knowing you have all the data at your fingertips. Real time data is easily sourced and quick to read on the spot, for example, when meeting potential investors.


We all know that we need to keep track of tasks that you must perform to keep your business running smoothly. One of the best ways to do so is using project management software such as Trello.

This allows users to see the status of each job on one easy birds eye view and the ability to drag and drop to prioritise between "to-dos", "in progress" and "done". It is very intuitive, allowing you to add and collaborate with different team members to get the job completed efficiently. 

Acumen - Receipt Manager

Always losing business receipts? There's an app for that! Acumen has a dedicated mobile application, downloadable from the app store, which incorporates a receipt manager function. This allows users to take and store photographs of business receipts and record relevant information to allow for quick and easy filing at periodic intervals. That means you won't be raking through your back pockets for misplaced receipts ever again.

Find the app by typing "Acumen Accountants" into the app store and discover more time saving features to make your life much easier!

For more information on time saving technologies for your business, contact the team on 0845 270 1688 or email enquiries@acumen.info.