Work Experience

Work Experience at Acumen - By Tobi Komolafe

Everyone knows the importance of getting experience of work life in today's highly competitive world. There are hundreds of places and business' around Scotland to find work experience for accounting but there are plenty of reasons why I think working with acumen is a unique and invaluable experience.

Experiencing different areas of accounting

At acumen there is a wide range of departments and areas of accounting. From the tax team, to the accounts team and those who handle the payroll, it was extremely valuable to get an experience of all the different departments and work alongside the people who work it those departments. Before starting my work experience, I had one area of accounting that I wanted to do, which to be perfectly honest, I had next to no knowledge of its applications in the real world. However, after working within the different departments it has opened my mind up to the many different areas of accounting that I had never even considered before.

Accounting may not be as boring as you think!

Everyone knows about the stereotypes about accountants and their jobs. Sitting at a desk with a pen and calculator, adding up and dividing numbers. Wrong. While there are times that accountants may have to do 'the boring things' it is definitely not what accounting is all about. There are plenty of amazing resources and software packages that can make the job a lot less boring than what you might expect. Working with a variety of people and clients makes each and every day interesting in its own way.

Working with new people

On the subject of working with new people, the employees at acumen make the nerve racking experience a lot less daunting. One of the really amazing things I noticed whilst working here was a sense of community and teamwork in each department. Everyone was always happy to answer questions and help out others regardless of whether they were in the same department or not. Even things as little as making a cup of coffee for their colleagues when they were on their way to the kitchen helped to create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

Try something new!

Naturally as human beings, we are scared to go out of our comfort zone and try new things. However, I’m extremely grateful I had the opportunity to try out new things. Learning about different areas such as tax can be extremely valuable, regardless of whether you go on to have a career in that area which is why I think it is great to get an experience of everything at acumen

What you can learn

It's virtually impossible to tell you what you can learn because everyone will learn something different. Personally I wanted to experience what it was like to work in an office independently and measure how boring it was to see if it was something I could bare to do as a career. I found working with acumen to be a lot more fun and learnt plenty of other things on the side.

To conclude, working with acumen is a fantastic experience and you will leave learning much more than you thought you would. The employees there make the experience enjoyable and you'll wake up every morning looking forward to the many different things you'll learn that day. So if you're on the fence about where to get some work experience I would highly recommend acumen and I'm sure you won't regret it.