Tax perks for your staff

The job market is a competitive place these days with candidates spoilt for choice in the battle for talent. MAking your business more attractive is a vital move in attracting and retaining staff. From flexible hours to free food, work perks come in many guises, but it's hard to beat salary-sacrifice discount schemes when it comes to adding real value to your employees' lives.

 You can choose from a range of providers to sign up to, then select a financial limit of say £2,000. Your employees can then sign up, choose the amount they need and purchase an item. They might buy some new technology like a TV for £1,200, which would then be deducted from their salary over a twelve month period, with no interest or national insurance to pay. The bike-to-work scheme allows employees to save almost 50% on the cost of a bike, avoiding interest, national insurance and income tax payments, while this electric vehicle scheme allows employees to purchase cars without paying national insurance or income tax.   

There are also employee perk cards, where employees can obtain a gift card from a retailer and save up to 15% on the cost.

Check out Technology Salary Sacrifice Scheme | Staff Technology Schemes - Enjoy Benefits and Employee Benefits Platform - Extras | Free to set up ( to see the kind of work perks available to your company.