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This month the spotlight is on our Bookkeeping Supervisor, Nicola Glass. 

Can you tell us about your background?

I studied MA (Hons) Economics at University. Following graduation, I gained valuable experience in the banking industry over several years before temporarily stepping back from my career to start a family. Since my return to the workforce in 2015, I've been dedicated to a role in Bookkeeping and VAT, which I manage alongside running our family farm. This unique balance between desk work and outdoor activities keeps me highly motivated and focused.

What do you hope to achieve at Acumen?

Given the wide array of software options available, it's crucial that each client has access to services that best aligns with their requirements. We ensure that clients are matched with a bookkeeper who possesses an in-depth understanding of their chosen software and specific needs. Our team of bookkeepers brings diverse expertise, and my commitment is to ensure that each client is paired with the bookkeeper best suited to address their unique needs.

What challenges does Acumen face?

Technology is developing all the time and we need to be on top of this to make sure that we can work efficiently for our clients, but also so that they can work efficiently too. Clients can be very nervous about embracing new software and we need to be able to show them the real benefits of what new technology can bring to their business to help them make that jump into a more efficient and digital world.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy when I am approached by a new client to tidy their bookkeeping and train them on how to move forward. Clients are often unaware of the benefits of having good bookkeeping. It's great to show clients good bookkeeping can do much more than keep their accountant happy. Tidy bookkeeping is very powerful - it helps you know who and when to chase for payment right through to budgeting and forecasting. Showing clients the benefits of this and training them to use their software to its full potential is very rewarding.

What are you most commonly asked by clients, and what's your response?

Nobody wants to spend their evenings bookkeeping so we are often asked how to reduce the time being spent on this task. It's a simple answer really – make use of a fully trained bookkeeper. A bookkeeper has a wealth of invaluable experience and will ensure your daily bookkeeping is always up to date, leaving you to do what you set out to do with your business.