Receipt Bank: bypass the monotonous task of manually filling in your receipt data

Are you used to spending hours of your time on-boarding clients, collecting their paperwork and manually uploading their information? Do you find yourself up at night, tirelessly documenting receipts? This doesn’t need to be your idea of normal.

Receipt Bank is an app that allows you to bypass the monotonous task of manually filling in your receipt data. From an action as simple as taking a photo on your phone, the app combines your accounting data with powerful automation processes so that you can compile receipts, and send digital invoices within minutes.

This app has the power to turn a three hour nightmare into twenty minutes of simple processing, removing any worries that invoices or data may have been missed in the process.

Respected by business of all sizes, Receipt Bank is as an essential resource for conjuring efficiency with complete control, harnessing the digital resources available. Receipt Bank is not just used for bookkeeping, but assists with the collection of receipts and sharing client documents, whilst archiving important paperwork that is easy to access.

Receipt Bank saves time, creating one space where all of your important documents are saved and archived, meaning we can all be paperless and one step closer to a more environmentally friendly office.

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If you’re already using other apps such as Xero, expect a smooth integration, allowing for a seamless digital revolution within your company. 

If you want a Receipt Bank demo, a chat through your accounts or some tax advice, just give us a call and we'll talk you through it - no long-winded emails back and forth; just simple, personalised advice.