​​Quotient, fantastic looking quotes, excellent customer service.

Is your inbox getting out of control? Are you finding it time consuming to keep on top of your quotes? Are you missing out on business because you don't have the time to follow up with potential customers? 

Take control of your quote management with Quotient. A business changing app that takes your quotes online and makes your quoting process simple and fuss free while boosting your bank balance, it's a perfect match!

Get great looking quotes, that give you the competitive edge, you're going to love Quotient, and here's why!

Key features:

  • Answer questions directly. Your customers can ask questions directly on the quote, you can easily reply, so the message thread is kept in one place, saving a lot of clutter from your inbox, and everyone on the same page.
  • Revise your quote with ease and mark items as optional giving your customers the power to choose the quote that's best suited to them. An appealing way to offer some extras, recommendations or alternatives. Give the option to add quantities required or multiple choice options for optimum customisation and choice. Oh, and the price is calculated in an instant for maximum transparency and ease.
  • Easy to accept and adjust. Lock that deal in, don't waste time chasing for an acceptance after a long email thread of adjustments. Once your quote is tailored it's easy for your customers to accept with the click of a button.
  • Instant emails. Brilliant you've sealed the deal, you've got the confirmation, and your customer will get an instant email detailing their personalised quote.
  • Customisation. Creating your branded quote couldn't be easier, choose from one of Quotients flexible templates and customise to suit your brand. Set up templates for frequently used services so you save time when it comes to building quotes in the future.

Managing your quotes once they start coming through is easy, and you can get your team involved too. The intuitive dashboard gives you insightful analytics of sales figures, what's been accepted and what value is outstanding waiting to be accepted. All past and present quotes are stored within the app so you'll never lose a quote again. Instantly look up customers and see the status of their quote, even if it doesn't go ahead you'll have it there for reference for another customer or for future. One of our favourite features is the ability for teams to communicate on the quote in private, which is great when multiple team members work on one quote.

Quotient also gets on great with other apps, integrating with Quickbooks so you can send invoices straight to your cloud accounting software in a flash, no more storing invoices and uploading data by hand. It's a win-win really, discover more awesome benefits and tools to utilise in your business, and win more business today.