Pocket app review - An easy way to save content online

Ever come across a great article you want to read but don't have time at that moment? Us too. When you're busy growing your business, you don't always have time to read every article you come across that you find interesting, and we're sure there's a lot out there! But, it is important to read, that's why we love pocket, a great app that lets you save content online.

Even when we do begin to read the latest news article it's easy to get side-tracked and distracted by other things. Pocket makes storing media easy instead of saving the title in your bookmarks, or in your notes, or even emailing yourself the link, great lengths to go to to forget you've done those things in the first place. Well, you're not alone, it’s a common problem faced by many, but we've found a solution, Pocket. It's a super helpful app that lets you save articles, videos, guides, blogs, pictures, basically anything you find on the internet all in one place to go back and read it later (funnily enough this was its original name),

Meaning no more missing things that could help grow your business, and no trawling through endless articles trying to find that one you read that time that said that thing you liked. Meaning you can file and store articles to share with your team, or refer to when you need them.

The thing we love most about pocket, you don't need internet to view the things you've saved, so for those times your commuting and there's no internet, or you're taking some distraction free time to catch-up on your reading, take that time to browse your pocket and see what gems you've saved in there.

They have also released a feature that lets you listen to your articles, turning your pocket list into a personalised podcast, making it even easier to absorb all that content.

There's a lot of content out there, save the content that's most relevant to you, and you'll quickly build your business while having a bank of inspiring articles and helpful videos all in one place.

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