Our guide to selecting a payroll provider.

5 Things to consider when looking for a payroll provider.

Internal payroll may be causing you an unnecessary headache, but the latest technology allows a payroll provider to help relieve the payroll pressures of doing your payroll in-house. If you're looking into getting a payroll provider, here's 5 things you should consider.

1 - Technology. Technology is constantly changing, you need a payroll provider who stays on top on the latest trends. Whether your potential payroll provider uses the latest Cloud software that can integrate with your current systems is an important point to consider. If they do, then it means you can keep track and access important information and reports when you need them, whether you're in the office or on the go. Having the latest technology also means you can email payslips to your staff directly or they can collect their payslips via a secure online portal.

2 – Security. How safe will my business' and my employee's information be when outsourcing Payroll? Sharing sensitive information with an external company can be daunting. Be safe in the knowledge that our software's are more secure than traditional methods and have round the clock security.

3 - Customer Service. It's important that you can contact your payroll provider when you have a question, and even better if you have one point of contact who knows you and your business needs. Having a payroll provider you can count on means you can focus on the running of your business. Ideally, you'll have one point of contact who has multiple ways of getting information to you, whether via your payroll portal, email or over the phone.

4 - Price. Is your current payroll solution proving to be a costly overhead? Software, training, holidays and sickness can prove to be costly to your bank balance and your time needed for facilitating payroll internally. When choosing a provider make sure there are no hidden costs for additional reports, ideally get an all-in price per payslip so that there are no nasty surprises.

5 – Expertise. Can they do more than just my payroll? It's worth investigating whether the payroll provider you're considering can do more than just payroll. If they don't offer you any advice, then they are not the right person for you. Payroll providers should be experts and therefore be able to offer you robust advice to help improve your payroll system.

In addition to these key points, consider what the online presence is like for the payroll advisor your considering. Are they in-tune with your business style? Can they give you references or testimonials from current clients? As well as looking at the technicalities of the service that's being provided you need to consider the reputation of the provider. You want to work well together and get the most out of your outsourced payroll.

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