Eco-friendly Office

Eco-friendly efforts are gaining momentum throughout every aspect of our daily lives as the impact our actions have on the world grows more and more prevalent. It's becoming much more important to protect our environment and you may be adopting more eco-friendly behaviours in your personal life, but what about when you're at work? Ways of going green range from reducing utility costs, recycling and reusing, buying green products, services and more.  

There are a lot of eco-friendly alternatives and solutions out there and there are certainly many benefits to an eco-friendly office, and not just for the environment.

The most obvious is the cost savings. Small changes like LED lighting can save money on operational costs per month and larger changes such as insulation or smart windows offering shade can reduce costly overheads. Energy efficiency saves money.

Discourage unnecessary printing, the cost savings alone for reems upon reems of unnecessary paper certainly outweigh the benefits, not to mention many tools out there are digitalised, meaning the need to print is lower. These tools let you streamline your workload and increase productivity, and less paper and clutter clears your surroundings having a huge impact on the way you feel and act. Clearer space and clutter free environment makes for a healthier and more positive place for colleagues and customers. For good measure, add a few plants to the empty spaces where piles of paper previously were, never underestimate the power of plants in an office.

Have you considered cutting your carbon footprint and utilities bills by downgrading your office space? After all, when you no longer need giant storage rooms for filling cabinets and ring binders, and a lot of your meetings are held via Skype or conference calls, you may find that downgrading helps save you money and reduces your carbon footprint, avoiding large meeting rooms and storage rooms sitting empty and unused.

Increased efficiencies and productivity. Technology has a big place in the workplace, there's a software solution for just about everything, utilise these tools in the right way and you can save time and money in the workplace. Efficiencies are increased, as documents and information are easier to find in cloud software compared to a filing cabinet and in turn reducing paper usage, meaning less waste and reduced costs of hiring shredding services.

Grow your business. Money saved from reducing your spending in certain areas means you can shift your budget towards other areas that can help grow your business, perhaps bring on extra staff of spend more on marketing and advertising so more people find out about you.

Creating a sustainable office environment goes beyond doing good for the environment, and these are just a few of the benefits. The time and money it takes to become eco-friendly pays off in the long run for you, your team and your business, going green is worth the investment.