App Review: Loom the video tool that'll change the way you run your business.

Loom, the video tool that'll change the way you run your business.

Send a video, not a thousand words - The mantra of awesome video tool 'Loom', it's that simple.

It's an incredibly helpful app that'll improve communication within your business and build great relationships with your customers and clients. We've started using Loom, and here's why you should too:

''Using Loom to educate customers how to do things with Quickbooks is a game changer, no more dull email explanations. Character, humour, smiling face, thick Scottish accent all leading to better engagement and education!'' - Ross Murray, Acumen Director.

Loom lets you go beyond a dull email thread, and take your tutorial to life. Whether you're showing clients a new software like us, or training a team, Loom records your screen, your front facing camera and lets you talk at the same time, so you can give your viewer a personalised, wow-ing video. Plus it's GDPR compliant, so no need to worry that any of your personal information or data will be shared with anyone you don't want it shared with.

You'll save time on constructing that tutorial document. We can all be guilty of putting off tasks that can take up a lot of our time to explain, sometimes it's the case of 'how do I explain something that's easier to show'? For all those pit-falls Loom has your back. We've been using it to show clients how to use different parts of their cloud accounting software. It's more effective than over the phone, and certainly easier than an email.  

Plus, it can be used for internal training of your team also. You can create libraries of videos for internal or external use that clients or staff can access at any time, saving you time, and making it easy for clients and staff to access the information they need, when they need it.

So, we encourage you to give it a go. See how it'll change the way you do business, and help improve your communication internally and externally. Who knows, our app reviews may be coming to you via Loom from now on...

-If you want a Quickbooks demo, a chat through your accounts or some tax advice give us a call and we'll talk you through it, no long-winded emails back and forth, just simple, personalised advice.