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Pension pots: why less is more

Throughout your career, you will work hard to make contributions to your pension, hoarding as much cash as viably possible to provide you with a nice nest egg to rely on in your senior years.

However, from experience, most of our clients clock up more than one pension scheme throughout their working lives, so much like a squirrel hiding its nuts over winter, are you aware of where your pensions are and will you be able to find them all when it comes to cashing in?

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Accounting trends – the ‘what to watch’ list

Further outsourcing of the finance function

Not all organisations, large and small, carry out accounting work. Instead, many are opting to outsource these services to qualified accounting professionals. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to be sitting as a member of your team in your office. Instead, there is a growing trend for accounting to be performed ‘on the cloud’ where your accountant is virtual office based. Due to the increasingly technically complex cloud based accounting software available on the market, the ability to work simultaneously with those internally and on the cloud haven’t been more possible.

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Pensions: why Australia is a model for success

When thinking of Australia, it would be natural to think about beautiful sunshine, maybe a few barbecues and possibly even the odd kangaroo. What might not come to mind immediately is auto enrolment, however, there are a lot of things we could learn from the Australians about it. While we might envy their sunny lifestyle, we should also envy their pension funds.

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