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5 Advantages of Online HR & Payroll Portals - Lisa Bruce, Director

Digital HR systems are becoming one of the latest trends in HR. An online HR and Payroll software can be one of the most effective systems you implement into your business. Whether you’re a small business or a large organisation the advantages of online systems greatly outweigh those of manual paper based methods. It’s said that for every 100 employees you need one HR member. When using an online system that number increases to 140 employees.

So whether you have a HR team or a team member who is covering your HR requirements along with other duties, using an online HR system is very valuable for the employer and the employee. Here are my top reasons to embrace a digital HR & Payroll system for your business.

  1. Time-Saving

Using spreadsheets and paper documentation to keep track of employees’ basic information can become an admin nightmare. Filtering through all that information when you need something can be time-consuming, even when it’s a simple task like supplying employees last 3 payslips. With an online system, you can make information available for individuals to access themselves.

  1. Record Management

Storing digital records gives the opportunity to analyse data and trends within your company. Tracking employee turnover, department turnover and seeing at a glance who needs training or who have attended particular training courses. It also allows for recorded proof that employees have had particular training. Email communication can work, however having a system where employees read and accept contents provides a paper trail so there’s no room for ‘I didn’t read that email’.

  1. Security

Obviously, a lot of HR and Payroll information is sensitive, access can be restricted to only those who are entitled to view said information. The records are also better protected against physical access, how safe are records in a filing cabinet? In modern HR systems information is extremely secure, and there’s no risk of records being destroyed in flood/fire with recovery features and the nature of where the system is hosted.

  1. Integration

 Digital HR integrates with your social company culture, mobility, reporting and analytics, and cloud technologies balancing efficiency and process.

  1. Employees

The newest generation of workers, they want a digital experience at work. To be able to have access to their files, track their holiday entitlement, see where their overtime lays, access to the company handbook, information documents, and even their own appraisals. A lot of systems even have mobile access, which is particularly beneficial for those who spend a lot of time on the road.

Making the switch, HR is challenged by the move to digital, but I see it as a help, not a hindrance. With cloud technologies improving efficiencies and working practices across business why should HR and Payroll stay in the days of paper documents, post-its and spreadsheets?

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