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We want you to get to know our team a little better, so would like to kick off with the first of our staff profiles here in our Aberdeen office. First up is the lovely Moira Berryman, our Assistant Manager. 



Name: Moira Berryman

Job Title: Assistant Manager

Tell us about your average day: Up, exercise class, work, kids, taxi-ing, dogs, sleep – REPEAT!!

What’s on your desk right now? Always a cup of tea

What’s your favourite aspect of working life at Acumen? The people 

Tell us something we might not know about you – I can run a sub 4hr marathon – well I used to!

First car vs. current car? Current car – MINI – love it on country roads! 

How did you get into your role / career journey – allowed to grow and develop within Acumen – so it’s all down to the Directors giving me the opportunities!

Advice for others looking to get into a similar role? Never too old to learn would be my advice.

What is your favourite song / karaoke go to? #onlysingintheshower but my all time favourite song is Love Cats by The Cure.

Dispel a myth about accountancy – They don’t all wear grey socks (sometime they wear black!) 

Highlight of working at Acumen? The staff, the staff, the staff

What’s your favourite activity / when are you the happiest? Out in the hills or surrounded by friends and family 

If you had a super power what would it be? Control time – play the happy bits in slow motion and repeat them and fast forward the difficult times

Accounting advice for non-accountants? Keep good records!

What’s your biggest pet peeve? Bad manners

Do you know any good riddles or brain teasers? 

Three friends are splitting the bill after a meal out at a restaurant. The waiter says the bill is £30, so the guests split it evenly and pay £10 each.

As he’s walking away the waiter realises that he’s overcharged the group and the bill should only be £25.

In order to rectify this, he takes the £5 that is owed to the guests in order to bring the bill down to £25. On the way back to the table, he realises that he cannot divide £5 equally between three people.

As the customers are still unaware of the actual total of the revised bill, the waiter decides to just give each of the three friends £1 each and then keep the leftover £2 as a tip for himself.

Basically, each customer got 31 back: meaning they only paid £9 each; bringing the total paid to £27. The waiter has the leftover £2.

The £27 the customers paid, + the 32 the waiter kept = £29 so, if the guests originally handed over £30 what happened to the remaining £1?