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Top reasons to visit your accountant regularly

Your accountant is one of the most important hires you will ever make for you business, so why is it that many businesses are guilty of only meeting their service provider a handful of times a year?

While this might have sufficed in years gone by, it is now much more important and much more efficient to schedule in regular visits to make sure you are getting the very best from your service. After all, checking in once a year at the busy tax period isn’t the smartest of strategies.

Like any relationship, the more time and effort you put in to it, the better the results will be. That is why we’ve outlined our top five reasons to spend more time with your accountant that will not only reward you in the long run, but will also prove beneficial for the smooth and successful running of your business.

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Cloud accounting - is it secure?

A general concern about cloud accounting is that it is vulnerable and easy for hackers to infiltrate important financial data, but IT analysts Gartner estimated that the total value of cloud-based systems would reach £172bn a year by 2016.

More and more organisations are moving to cloud accounting for benefits such as 24/7 access, real-time data and overall ease and efficiency. But is it safe?

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Cloud Accounting & five reasons to switch to it

Most of us have heard of the term ‘cloud accounting’ but there are many people who come to us not knowing what it actually means.

Put simply, cloud accounting is where computer software is used to input accounting data, which is then sent and hosted on the Internet by a network of remote servers. This network of servers is what is referred to as the cloud.

But what are the benefits of cloud accounting versus traditional forms of accounting such as bookkeeping? We’ve listed our top five reasons to switch to cloud accounting if you haven’t already.

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Acumen Budget Report

The Chancellor, Philip Hammond, presented the Spring Budget on Wednesday 8th March 2017. In his speech, the Chancellor was keen to point out that he wanted the tax system to be fair, particularly in relation to the distinction between employed and self-employed individuals. 

Find out more about what the budget means for you by downloading our Spring Budget report. 

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